Watermark software – why and how?

Watermark software - why and how? How to do useful things

Hey! Do you have your own blog? Do you like to take photos and put them on display? Then you just need a watermark program. Everyone knows perfectly well that the images are stolen, or they are given out faceless in the search, and you have a great desire to get a little attention so that everyone knows where this picture comes from? How to do this is of course a watermark. A watermark is a picture, usually with the logo of your blog, which is either inserted into the corner of the picture, or reproduced throughout the image (in the case of protection against plagiarism, or from printing).

Of course, not everyone likes to learn a lot of complex programs, just as not everyone just needs it. For programs such as Photoshop, applying a watermark is like spitting into the sky, the simplest operation. But it is paid! Buy it for such a trifle? – never. Especially if you are just a fisherman, or a nature lover. And so I found a cool program – Watermark Studio! – watermark program.

The appearance is immediately pleasantly pleasing. The icons are large, nothing superfluous, the watermark program is sharpened for one clear goal – a watermark. Even the fact that it is in English will not bring any confusion, intuition will tell you where to press, and I will only explain the main actions, as they say now – a quick start.

First, select the first tab, add images here, there are three ways to do this – add one by one with the menu button, add a folder with images with the menu button, or open the folder independently of the program and drag the files into the empty watermark window with the mouse.

Second step – Add a watermark. We click LMB on the empty window on the left, and we find your sign, it will immediately appear in the middle of the image. Select a location from the drop-down list, here are 9 main corner positions + optional. You can also specify the x and y coordinates. The left and right arrows allow you to scroll through the images and view how it will turn out as a result of the operations performed.

Well, the final stage is the compilation of new images. You can set new names, but I do it easier – I save over the old ones (since I always prepare only copies of photos for publication), for this we put a tick (I circled it). As a result, you will have signed images in a few seconds! And all this is instantly done by a small application – a watermark program.

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