Immunity: how to increase it?

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We are all accustomed to recommendations calling for the maintenance and strengthening of a weakened immune system. This task is especially important for women planning pregnancy, because any disease while carrying a child can entail serious consequences. However, many, firstly, do not fully understand what it is, and, secondly, they have a superficial understanding of the methods of strengthening, mistakenly believing that for this it is enough to eat fruits and vegetables and once a year go to the sea for a week.

What is the immune system?

The ability of each of them to fully perform its function, ensuring the vital activity of the organism as a whole, depends on the coherence of the work of all organs and systems of the body.

One of the elements of the body is the immune system. It represents a whole complex of anatomical structures, namely:

– central lymphoid organs (bone marrow, thymus, etc.).

– peripheral lymphoid organs (spleen and lymph nodes).

– immunocompetent cells.

The main task of the immune system is protection against elements with antigenic properties, waste products of the body, as well as infectious agents.

How to strengthen the immune system?

A set of measures to improve immunity includes:

Quitting bad habits – this includes not only alcohol or smoking, but also the habit of little movement, little sleep, which entails fatigue and constant stress. In any case, when planning a pregnancy, all risk factors should be excluded.

Change the diet and diet – the menu should be balanced, and include all foods that are a source of vitamins, nutrients and trace elements.

An additional intake of vitamin complexes, the selection of which should also be carried out taking into account the individual characteristics of the organism, as well as other factors, for example, the type of occupation.

It is not necessary to go in for professional sports, accompanied by great physical exertion. In each individual case, you can choose your best option – from visiting the pool to cycling. The important points are activity and enough fresh air.

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