How to use table vinegar at home?

How to do useful things

Everyone knows very well that table vinegar (9%) is used to prepare various dishes. It is added to all kinds of salads, fish and meat. It is also added when canning vegetables. But few people know that vinegar can be used in everyday life.

Using vinegar for other purposes

Split, hard-to-comb, shine-free hair can be restored with a special rinse solution. Take 1 liter of warm water and stir 1 tbsp. l. vinegar. Use this mixture to rinse your hair after each wash. After a while, you will see how they become shiny and smooth, and the scalp will cease to be oily. Also, this remedy will relieve you of dandruff.

Found limescale in the teapot, remove it with a vinegar solution. For a liter of hot water, take 2 tbsp. l. This mixture is poured into a kettle and left for several hours. After that, the device is rinsed and used for its intended purpose.

You can clean the faucet, sink, bathtub and toilet from limescale with vinegar and salt. They make a creamy mixture and clean all the necessary surfaces with it. To return the tile to its original shine, it is sprayed with a weak vinegar solution, rinsed with water and rubbed with a dry cloth.

Removing a blockage in a pipe is very easy. Take 50 gr. baking soda and pour into the drain hole. 1 glass of vinegar is also poured there. A reaction will occur in the pipe, which helps to dissolve the blockage.

Use white table vinegar to get rid of stubborn grease stains on your clothes. A cotton pad is moistened with it and the contamination is treated. When the fat is dissolved, the item is rinsed and washed in the usual way.

You can return the shine to crystal vases and glasses with a vinegar solution. For a liter of water, take 2 – 3 tbsp. l. Already washed crystal dishes are rinsed in this mixture and put to drain. For the effect to last for a longer time, the crystal must dry naturally.

Now you know that table vinegar can be used not only in the kitchen.

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