How to prepare for a sauna trip?

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A visit to the sauna will surely help you relax, rest, tidy up the nervous system, and strengthen the body. Regular hikes will help keep your skin healthy, youthful, and beautiful.

But in order for this procedure to really benefit, you should properly prepare for the sauna.

The first thing that should be taken into account by those who are going to the sauna, you cannot go there immediately after eating, but you should not have an empty stomach either. It is advisable to eat 2-3 hours before the procedure. You can eat a light salad of vegetables or fruits, yogurt before the sauna. Alcohol should not be consumed in any case, in which case the load on the body will be too great.

You can not go to the sauna if the temperature is high, chronic diseases have worsened, and you feel unwell. It is advisable to consult with your doctor in advance to find out how useful the sauna will be for you. Sauna heroism is unacceptable. If you feel unwell in the steam room, leave it, rest. Be sure to drink mineral water without gas, you can drink kvass or green tea with honey.

Make-up must not be applied before the sauna. In the steam room, the pores open, and the creams clog them and prevent toxins and toxins from coming out, which can lead to irritations and rashes. It is better to take the opportunity to cleanse the skin after the steam room, for which you can take with you a scrub made from ground natural coffee. If you lubricate the body with honey in the sauna, you can get rid of cellulite, make the skin soft and silky.

In the sauna, you will need a sheet or towel to wrap yourself in after the steam room. A small towel will also come in handy to dry your face. A felt hat will help keep your head from overheating in the steam room. You will also need soap or gel, as you need to wash your body before the steam room.

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