How to learn to hear your body?

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Surely many people want to be always healthy. At the first sign of a symptom, you should not immediately run to the pharmacy and self-medicate. Learn to hear and control your body. There are many mechanisms to keep your body in good health, these are proper nutrition, restful and prolonged sleep, avoidance of conflict situations and stress, and love for yourself and others.

But, unfortunately, not everyone, due to circumstances, can fulfill all the requirements, someone is hindered by their own laziness, and someone does not have the means to maintain their vitality. Although, these are all excuses, and everyone can begin to lead their own changes in life. Many health problems begin almost always if the rhythm of life changes and the usual rhythm of life is disrupted. Problems of the gastrointestinal tract are always associated with improper food intake, and often gastritis occurs from untimely food intake. Cramping pains in the epigastric region of the abdomen are always associated with irritation of the stomach walls by excess secretion of digestive juice.

Therefore, do not rush to run to the gastroenterologist, just start 6 meals a day at the same time, the food should be light and varied with the use and consumption of sufficient water. In less than a few days, the body itself will recover and relief will appear. However, this rhythm must be maintained at all times. Stool problems caused by constipation indicate that there is not enough fiber and fluid in the body, which helps to propel the stool to the exit. Pain in the lower abdomen with colic, they speak of this. Of course, if the pain is intense and prolonged, immediately see a doctor to rule out a more serious problem. Persistent headaches indicate that there is a problem in the cervical spine, with the exception of pituitary adenoma.

A chiropractor and massage will solve the problem, but lifelong special exercises are necessary. Each person can easily help, and recognize their problems, the main thing is to pay attention to them during the time. It is not difficult to lead a healthy lifestyle, the main thing is to want and many problems will fade into the background. Be healthy and attentive to yourself and then you will forget about pharmacies for a long time.

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