How to improve the efficiency of a metal furnace

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Considering the fact that most of the owners of summer cottages do not need constant heating of country houses, an iron stove is a necessary subject of use for summer residents. With the onset of cold weather, it will be enough to put a certain amount of wood in the oven, and the atmosphere in the room will dramatically change for the better, the house will immediately become warm and comfortable. A small iron stove can heat a 15 m2 room.

In the manufacture of metal furnaces, as a rule, heat-resistant cast iron or heat-resistant steel is used. Due to specialized annealing, these materials of manufacture can withstand constant heating and cooling without significant damage to their technical parameters.
When installing iron stoves indoors, people strive to get the maximum amount of thermal energy from them, while spending the minimum amount of fuel. This desire is quite logical, while it is not difficult to fulfill it – for this you need to overlay the stove with natural stone or heat-resistant brick, which will add heat capacity to the iron stove.

Also, a quite effective way to increase heat transfer is to install a firebox, due to which the combustion products are not removed immediately, but pass through all the compartments of the iron furnace, heating it as much as possible.

Particular attention should be paid to the materials used as fuel. The iron stove is designed to use only solid fuels, however, specialized fluids are often used to ignite it, which are now sold in any department store.

Every homeowner installing an iron stove should know that the more voluminous fuel he plans to use for heating, the larger the combustion chamber of the stove should be. For example, if it is planned to use brushwood, straw, etc. as fuel, then it is necessary to purchase a stove with a larger combustion chamber than, in particular, for stoves that use coal or wood as fuel.

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