How to fix 400 Bad Request error?

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As with most errors, the most common solution might be to refresh the web page. The chances of success will be much higher if this is the first error you received on the site in question. Then the error can only be a temporary inconvenience.

However, if refreshing the web page does not help, try deleting the browser cache (the error information may have been stored in the browser cache and used to load the page faster).

wrong address
First of all, make sure you have entered the correct website address in the address bar; especially if you typed it yourself. If you used a link, also check what it points to, or try to go to the home page (this will usually be the address of the main domain, for example You can also try searching your desired website in a search engine (eg Google).

Invalid cookies in web browser
The 400 Bad Request message can also be caused by outdated or erroneous cookies. To check, it is enough to delete them in the browser settings or select those that correspond to your site. When you visit the site again, new cookies will be created.

Clearing Google Chrome Cache – Settings

IMPORTANT! Cookies store information about visits to a specific website. However, the server receives information about when you loaded the website and what operations you performed on it. As a result, cookies can personalize the advertisements displayed on the Internet. Privacy-specific legal regulations protect users from the collection of personal data by means of cookies.

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