How to edit a comment in WordPress

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A tutorial on editing a comment in WordPress. You may need to further change the content, status, time and date of the comment, or move the comment to trash.

You have two options for editing a comment. Hover your cursor over the answer you want to edit in the comment list. Select “Quick Edit” or “Edit” from the options that appear.

Quickly edit a comment in WordPress
If you choose Quick Edit, you can change your name, email and URL. In addition, the content itself can be edited here. Click “Edit Comment” to save your changes. If you don’t want to save your changes, click Cancel.

How to edit a comment
Click Edit to go to a new editor window. You can edit the same functions as in Quick Edit. In addition, the comment editor offers the ability to select the response status – pending, approved, or spam.

Change date and time
You can also change the date and time when the comment was posted in the upper right corner of the screen. To do this, click “Change” under the date of the reply. After overwriting the date, click OK. This will save the new date.

Placement in the basket
You can also move the comment to the trash can. If you want to save your changes, click Update. If you don’t want to save your changes, click the back arrow in your browser to return to the list of reactions.

More information on the topic of comments can be found in this official guide

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