How to choose the size of the bathtub?

How to choose the size of the bathtub? How to do useful things

Usually, when choosing a bath, we focus on the basic parameters of the purchase – the material of manufacture and external characteristics (color, shape), but this is not quite the right approach. This acquisition has a number of other equally important aspects that you should definitely pay attention to at the stage of selecting the right device.

First of all, these include the length and width of the device, the installation method, and the presence of built-in functions. Let’s talk about them in more detail.

The dimensions of the bathtub are something without which you cannot buy a suitable model.

Due to the fact that in standard residential buildings during the times of the USSR there were the same layouts of a bathroom, almost all families had the same bathtubs: wall products with a length of 160-170 cm, a width of 70-75 cm and a depth of 55-65 cm.

Today the range has become much wider, which allows consumers of the current market even more sensitively to select the best model, which will not only look spectacular in the interior, but also be comfortable to use. The dimensions of the bath include such basic parameters of the product as:

– Width;

– Length;

– Depth.


The width of standard rectangular baths is 50-100 cm.When deciding which fixture is right for you, consider the following:

– The smaller the bathroom, the smaller the bathtub should be. So, for owners of a small bathroom, experts in the field of interior design recommend giving preference to a narrow product of 55-70 cm, because this makes it possible to install something else in the bathroom, for example, a washing machine and a washbasin;

– If you have overweight people in your family, elderly or disabled, then we advise you to give preference to a model wider – from 80-85 cm, so that it is easier for them to dive in and out of the bath;

– The standard width of plumbing is 70-80 cm.


When choosing the depth of the model, you should look at the length of the wall along which you plan to install it. For example, if your wall is 160 cm, then you should buy a 160-170 cm bathtub. It is better if it is the same size as the wall. However, if you want a more authentic model, then you can make 5 cm notches on the sides right in the wall.

When choosing the length, also look at the growth of the household. For example, if everyone in your family is short, then buy a product of 150-160 centimeters. If the height of your family members is large, then you should prefer the 170 centimeters model.


The standard depth of the baths is 60 centimeters, but if necessary, you can find and buy a product deeper (from 65-80 centimeters) and smaller (for example, with a depth of 55 centimeters). The assortment of modern stores allows you to make the most optimal choice for you.

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