How to choose curtains for a small room

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Small dark rooms can be made beautiful and light by decorating with curtains.

Do not worry, even if it seems that it is impossible to do anything in the direction of improvement, you are mistaken, nothing is impossible. And a small apartment can be improved and made modern and comfortable. The main thing is to follow the basic design rules for small rooms.

What curtains cannot be used in small areas?

– Volumetric curtains;

– Curtains made of dense heavy fabrics;

– Double layer curtains;

– Curtains with decor and lambrequins.

How to choose curtains for small rooms:

1. Choose curtains in the size of the ceiling height, they should occupy the space from floor to ceiling. The vertical arrangement of curtains and curtains will visually raise the ceiling and enlarge the room.

2. A cozy room will be made by curtains hung on both sides of the window, so it is more beautiful and more comfortable.

3. Choose light, flowing fabrics, because thick fabrics take up extra space.

4. Vertical patterns on the curtain will increase the visual appearance of the room. The main thing in such curtains is the size of the patterns, it should not be bulky. A horizontal drawing can visually expand the area of ​​the room.

5. Lightweight, durable roller blinds made of dense fabric are ideal for the kitchen. They are produced in different shades, with patterns, ornaments and without, they can be picked up in any room, they will harmoniously fit into the interior everywhere.

What colors to choose for curtains in a small apartment?

It is always advisable to choose light fabrics for small and dark rooms so as not to absorb the maximum natural light (daylight) and not to burden the space. The best shades for curtains and curtains can be beige, gray, blue, light green, light brown, terracotta, peach, light pink, light green, blue, pearl, milky and other delicate pastel colors.

In the bedroom, you can use blackout curtains, you need this so that in the morning the sun’s rays do not interfere with your sleep. Do not use dark curtains for this.

It is better not to use bright curtains in small rooms, they aggravate the situation, firstly, they will strongly accentuate the room, strongly dominating the entire interior, and secondly, they will cover up the light that should come from the window.

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