How to choose a stroller?

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Types by type of addition.
“Book” is characterized by a rigid back, adjustable position, a fairly wide seat.
The “cane” is compact, lightweight, but in most cases the back is not hard, but fabric. This model is chosen for travel, trips, as it folds quickly, using a button, which can be done with one hand.
“Transformer” is unpopular due to its bulkiness, weight, wide chassis. Buying such a model of a stroller, parents can save a lot, because it is used from birth, at the same time there are no additional blocks that take up a lot of space in the apartment. Transformers are distinguished by good cross-country ability, convenience, and a large berth.
What should you pay attention to?
Wheel diameter. When choosing a stroller, look around and look at the roads you will be driving. If cross-country ability is important, large wheels are needed, although small ones guarantee maneuverability and agility, weight.
Brake system.
The handbrake resembles a bicycle brake system, it is convenient, allows you to quickly stop the stroller.
The foot brake locks the rear wheels individually or simultaneously.
The chassis width of the “cane” reaches up to 50 cm, the “book” – up to 65 cm, the “transformer” – up to 65 cm.
Manufacturing material. Plastic, which also does not tolerate cold, is fragile and common. They perfectly withstand loads, the stroller frame made of steel alloy is not afraid of drops, but it will add weight decently. The best option is aluminum, which will last a long time and is lighter in weight.
It is worth paying more attention to the stroller upholstery material, which is made of cotton and linen.
The hood, which often extends down to the bumper, protects against environmental influences, and may have a window into which a mosquito net is inserted.
Accessories are usually included, but they can be purchased separately depending on their use.
Thus, based on the maximum comfort, compactness and weight, you can choose the most suitable model.

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