A woman means nothing to a man: how can she understand it

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Sometimes, in her dreams, a person may already dream of a wedding and children, but in fact a man considers her to be just a backup option. How can this be recognized? In fact, often a person does not hide this, just a woman wears rose-colored glasses and does not want to take them off.

Man cancels dates

Sometimes he just doesn’t want to see a woman, and sometimes he meets her just because he is bored. She thinks that he cannot live without her, and it is these thoughts that will destroy her. It is necessary to look at the situation adequately and understand whether a person frees up time in order to see his beloved, or whether he wedges her into free hours when he is not busy with anything.

A woman knows nothing about a man

She may even live with him in the same apartment, but he still will not tell her details about himself and his personality. Some believe that this is just a character trait, and a person is distinguished by secrecy and alienation. But in fact, most likely, he is quite open, but not with those who he really likes. Should a woman tolerate such an attitude? Of course not.

A man meets a woman when he wants it

He is not interested in her plans or employment, he can just call and invite her to his home to have a pleasant evening. But the lady in love believes that the partner really missed her, she does not notice the obvious signals indicating that he is simply using her.

Sometimes it is necessary to find the courage to get out of a relationship where a woman is not considered anything. She must, first of all, think about herself, love herself so much so as not to meet men who do not see the meaning of life in her.

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